I open my eyes and I see
an stranger is looking at me
Someone's telling me what should be
I just don't know who else to believe
"Tell me where to go"
"Just show me the place I belong to"
The pieces are harder to find
If you don't look yourself in the eyes

Uncertain, is the purpose of life
so be careful when you choose what you want
There are so many roads you can take
But just make sure no one points you the way
"Where am I supposed to fit in?"
"The world is a nightmare, I've no one to hold on to"
If this keeps going like this,
maybe I'm not meant to be here

You're not alone (BIS)
You must believe in you
Just look inside, you'll find the answers
You're not alone...

(Background vocals)
Just take your time you need to look inside
you're the only one who can get the answers
Just take a look outside
there is always going to be
someone who will hold your hand